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10:53am 03-01-2017
Hey Shaz,
Thank you so much for your fantastic DJing at Melanie's Mission Ball. You were a star. Everyone had a great time and we raised over £6000 for Melanie's mission to live. Thanks again. I would recommend you for all ages and any type of event
7:14pm 10-04-2014
Dj shaz
No worries Nick I'll be there
8:45pm 10-03-2014
Shaz what a wkd night on thu hope ya ganna come every week lol
10:28am 03-28-2014
dj shaz
Hi kids get ready for Easter with the bunny and chicken on it's way Hope you all have fun I'm in the felling area good Fri
8:51am 02-03-2014
Dj Shaz
Hi everyone just to let you know we have new arrivals of fab mascots available for your child's special day great discounts with our full packages with our discos photos to follow
If you want fun then we can supply
1:50pm 11-28-2013
dj shaz
Hi everyone it's that time of year again when we are coming in your area fir the Xmas partys going be lots of fun with Santa's helpers the dj shaz troops are coming to town see you soon watch this space Happy Xmas
8:52pm 11-12-2013
Dj shaz
Thanks to dj shaz fabulous 4 th birthday party for Ellie would highly recommend thanks again x
11:33am 11-04-2013
Hi Could you let me know if you could come to school and do a disco on 11/11/13 3.30 to 5.30pm
10:47am 11-01-2013
dj shaz
What a fabulous Halloween party we had at the corpie thank you Mr wizzard and well done everyone who came see you at Xmas and and next hallowee
11:37am 08-09-2013
Dj Shaz
Well kids enjoy your summer holidays we are around with the bouncy castle this Saturday Bensham next Saturday Lowfell have lots of fun in the sun
6:48am 08-04-2013
Lauren batey
I am going to Africa today to help build a school and teach children! I am taking along donated teddies from Dj Shaz! I would like to thank you so much for these, the kids will love them. You also did an amazing job at my mams wedding so thank you again! Really good taste in music and everyone thought you were really good and wort every penny! Xxx
5:03pm 05-20-2013
Tia cavanagh
incase you cant remember you done David wilsons party on friday and you and i think it was jhonny were doing kareoke and i got up and sang xxxxxx
ring me sometime please 07784672530
4:54pm 05-20-2013
Tia cavanagh
hi i was wundering when you want to come to mine to talk to me and my mam about me working with you? xxxxx
10:06am 05-12-2013
dj shaz
Thank you Bob T x
6:45pm 05-08-2013
Bob T
Cool looking site Shaz...
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